The Manufacturers We Represent

Windy City Representatives offers competitive pricing on a wide variety of world class commercial HVAC products.

Finding the right unit for the right project is always our goal.

A world leader in creating comfortable and healthy indoor environments efficiently, through the manufacture of premium HVAC equipment

Direct-fired make-up air and heating & ventilating systems

Airflow Control for Critical Environments

Heat Pipe Energy Recovery Systems

Energy recovery ventilation systems

Humidification systems

Radiant Ceiling, Heating & Cooling Systems

Specialists in Laboratory Gas Distribution Systems

Air purification and corrosion protection systems

Hybrid heat pump systems

Complete boiler room solutions provider

Hydronic Cooling and Heating Coils

Freeze Protection Coils

Chilled beams and induction units

A global provider of highly-engineered Custom and Semi-Custom pool and dehumidification units

Water source and geo-thermal heat pumps

Complete Pumping Systems and Solutions

The worldwide leader in hydronic fan coils

International Wastewater Systems

Specialized Heating & Cooling Systems for high volume spaces

A leader in variable refrigerant flow (VRF) zoning and split-zoning air-conditioning heat pump systems

Humidty and climate control for demanding environments

Variable refrigerant flow accessories, including roof mounting systems, refrigerant line protection and flexible refrigerant line connectors

Variable frequency drives

Hydronic Heating and Special FCU Systems

Operating Room Ceiling Systems

Specialty Chilled Beams Energy Recovery DOAS Units

Factory fabricated heating and cooling plants

Energy Recovery Wheels

Custom air handling equipment solutions

Packaged heating and cooling units, heat pumps,split air conditioners, chillers and air handling units


Product Brand
Air Flow Measuring System Accutrol
Air Handling Units AAON, Swegon, TMI, York
Air Rotation Units Johnson Air Rotation
Boilers Cleaver Brooks
Chiller Plants AAON, Systecon, TMI
Chilled Beams Dadanco, Swegon
Chillers AAON, CGC, Systecon, TMI, York
Classroom Unit Ventilators Max Air, Mitsubishi, York
Coils AAON, CoilMaster, Cooney, Direct, York
Condensing Units AAON, York
Critical Lab Control / Air Valves Accutrol
Custom Air Handling Unit AAON, Munters, TMI, York
Dehumidification Aaon, Dectron, Munters
Energy Recovery Ventilators Aldes, Mitsubishi, Swegon
Evergy Recovery Wheels ThermoTech
Fan Coil Units AAON, IEC, Mitsubishi, Sigma
Heat Pipes Advanced Cooling Technologies
Heat Pumps AAON, CGC, FHP, Sigma
Humidifiers Armstrong
Induction Unit Dadanco
Kitchen Exhaust Systems Bioclimatic
Laboratory Gas Distribution Systems Beacon Medaes
Makeup Air Unit AAON, Absolutaire, Munters, Swegon
Operating Room Ceiling Systems SLD
Pool Units Dectron
Pumps/Pumping Systems Grundfos
Radiant Cooling and Healing Barcol-Air, Sigma
Roof Mounting Systems Rectorseal
Rooftop Unit AAON, Dectron, Munters, York
Specialty Air Cleaning/ Odor Control Bioclimatic
Unit and Cabinet Heaters Sigma
Variable Refrigerant Flow Zoning Systems & Ductless Mitsubishi
Vent Stacks Cleaver Brooks
Waste Water Energy Recovery IWS